Who is Zhem

DJ Zhem began DJing in 1999 by putting together and organizing music for small events and helping out other DJs with various gigs. Always comfortable with being on stage whether it was acting, dancing, speaking, singing, or playing music, Zhem began to see a trend among DJs who played from predefined playlists, didn't take requests or respond well to event guests or read the mood on the dancefloor. Zhem wanted to be different - to interact with event guests and with people who came up to the DJ table. Never one to push people away, Zhem instead strives to bring people in and to see everyone having fun on the dancefloor

Michael J helped form the radio station, Sanctified Radio, through the Stillwater Youth Center in Columbus, Montana in 2002. Though Sanctified Radio is no longer on air, DJ Zhem is still going strong and continues to reinvent, rejuvenate, and refresh his DJing style. DJ Zhem now resides in Grand Rapids, MI and is hoping to continue rocking the party for years to come.


What is Zhem

The name "Zhem" spawned from many different sources, not the least being my roots in Montana, where I was raised. There are many gemstones indigenous to Montana, and I have always been awed by the natural beauty of the Big Sky State.

Originally going by the moniker of DJ MJ, I wanted something that fit better with the tone and style I was beginning to create, and something that spoke more to my personality, rather than a play off my initials. After messing around with various takes on my name and initials, I took my last two initials - JM - which sounded like "gem" and added a softer "J" sound to the front. Because I have studied both the French and Chinese language, the soft J seemed like an obvious touch. The softness comes from French, while the "ZH" spelling is from Chinese, which uses the letters "zh" in Chinese pinyin to stand as the pronunciation for a softer "J" sound.