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Headquartered in Hudsonville Michigan, DJ Zhem creates memorable experiences for your event through DJ and emcee services throughout West Michigan - visit DJ Zhem on Facebook for service information and pictures from events.

MjZ Photography captures memories through visuals and specializes in event and marketing photography along with creative design. visit MjZ Photography on Facebook for more information.

MandeBuilds creates pieces we love - functional and creative reclaimed or farmhouse decor and a range of craft gifts for children and adults. Follow our creations on Facebook.

communiZate consulting offers business, leadership, professional, and technical consultation at your level. With more than a decade experience in IT customer service management, leadership, and process management, communiZate is able to provide advice and direction to business leaders of small and large teams.


I started DJing in 1999 by putting together and organizing music for small events and helping out other DJs with various events. I have always loved being a part of the creation and organization of memorable events for others and naturally gravitated toward DJing and sharing music with others. Always comfortable with being on stage whether it was acting, dancing, speaking, training, or playing music, I recognized some traits among DJs who didn't know how to run a business, played from predefined playlists, refused to take requests, didn't blend music together naturally, or respond well to event guests. I had a desire to be different - to interact with people and build relationships with clients. I am passionate about using music to bring people together and strive to create real experiences, memories, and connections through purposeful event coordination.
In 2002, I co-founded Sanctified Radio with Stillwater Youth Center in Columbus, Montana. Though Sanctified Radio is no longer on air, I continue to reinvent, rejuvenate, and refresh my DJing style.

The name "Zhem" (pronounced "gem") spawned from various sources - a tie to my home state of Montana, which has many indigenous gemstones and minerals led to the name "gem". I took my initials - JM - and added stylized spelling and a softer "J" sound to the front with the letters Z and H, which together form a soft "J" sound. The style of the Zhem Z logo is partially inspired by a 45rpm adapter from a vinyl record player.